Common Modifications

Adding Wrist Splint for proper Wrist Position

Add a Wrist Splint

Increasing the Size of the Hand Opening to Accommodate a Larger Hand

  1. Fold the elastic in half by taking the 1st finger side edge toward the thumb (the blue pin striping should appear at about half-way).
  2. Stitch the two elastic edges with a needle and thread to hold in place.
  3. Repeat on the ulnar (pinkie side) of the hand if more opening is needed.

Attaching a Hand Splint to the GivMohr Sling

  1. Cut tubing and remove handpiece.
  2. Select appropriate hand splint.
  3. Using sticky back Hook/Loop, attach “Hook” to splint. Coordinate hook position to “Loop” sewn onto GivMohr elastic.
  4. Attach hand splint to GivMohr Sling using Hook/Loop connection.
  5. Adjust for maximum comfort and function.

Mix Sling Sizes to accommodate different Body Types

Mixing shoulder harness and arm strap sizes is available to accommodate unique sizes of individuals. For bilateral sling clients, this can be used to accommodate the difference in arm lengths.