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Anatomy of the GivMohr Sling (diagrams and explanations of the sling parts)

GivMohr Sling Demonstration Videos (the GivMohr channel on YouTube)

GivMohr Sling Related Research

February, 1981
“Checklist for the Prescription of Slings for the Hemiplegic Patient”
Roger O. Smith and Gary A. Okamoto
The American Journal of Occupational Therapy (Volume 35, No.2)
Full article or GivMohr Sling results

December, 2005
“Comparative Effectiveness of the GivMohr Sling in Subjects With Flaccid Upper Limbs on Subluxation Through Radiologic Analysis”
Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Volume 86, Issue 12)
Study summary

March 2012
“The Effect of the GivMohr Sling on Gait Parameters Post Stroke”
Kathy Dieruf, PR, PhD, NCS, Jerimiah MacDonald, SPT and Luke Myers, SPT
University of New Mexico
Presentation summary

October, 2013
“Clinical Reasoning in the use of Slings for Patients with Shoulder Subluxation After Strike: A Glimpse of the Practice Phenomenon in California”
Kitsum Li, Naoko Murai and Simon Chi
Dominican University of California
Full Article

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