Anatomy of the GivMohr Sling

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  • OVAL – To maintain open web space. Can be modified easily to accommodate specific hand issues.
  • CURVED – To support transverse arch of hand.
  • Provides primary support of arm in reducing shoulder subluxation.

Elbow Strap

  • Controls elbow position.
  • Provides secondary arm support in reducing shoulder subluxation.
  • Provides arm protection by keeping elbow close to body.

Arm Strap

  • Provides dynamic compressive forces through wrist, elbow and shoulder.
  • Reduces potential for accommodation of nervous system.
  • Protects shoulder from over-tightening (impingement).
  • Allows controlled arm swing with ambulation.
  • Provides arm protection by keeping arm close to body.

Shoulder Harness

  • Fashioned after “figure 8” harness.
  • Facilitates thoracic extension, scapular retraction, and scapular depression.
  • 1″ webbing for strength and comfort.

Anterior and Posterior Buckles

  • Adjust both buckles to reduce shoulder subluxation.
  • Adjust posterior buckle independently once subluxation has been reduced to bring shoulder into neutral rotation.

Locking 4 Tab (back cross)

Axillary Pad

  • Position at anterior axillary wall of uninvolved arm for maximum comfort.

Wrist Cross

  • Position center of cross over back of wrist.
  • Maintains positioning of sling to properly support arm.
  • Helps hold wrist in neutral position.