Initial Fitting and Adjustment

Initial fitting by PT or OT is recommended to ensure proper fit.

Before you begin, you can click here to watch an overview of the fitting process. For your convenience, the video will open in a new tab or window.

Initial Fitting Illustrations

  1. Lengthen webbing at buckles
  2. Place uninvolved arm through the shoulder loop
  3. Lay sling across back and drape anterior strap over involved shoulder with blue stripe against arm and “GivMohr” side of 4-Tab facing out
  4. Position 4-Tab low on back between shoulder blades
  5. Position hand in Handpiece before placing elbow
  6. Place elbow in sling and adjust Elbow Strap horizontally 1” below elbow
  7. Adjust both straps at buckles to reduce subluxation
  8. Slide Axillary (Arm Pit) Pad to a comfortable position
  9. Reposition 4-Tab for optimum comfort and function
  10. Lock 4-Tab in place (recommended)
  11. Adjust Handpiece (if needed)
  12. Adjust posterior strap to bring shoulder into neutral rotation (see “Adjusting the Arm into Neutral Rotation” video)