Checklist for the Prescription of a GivMohr Sling for the Hemiplegic Patient

Based upon and expanded from:

“Checklist for the Prescription of Slings for the Hemiplegic Patient”

Roger O. Smith and Gary A. Okamoto
The American Journal of Occupational Therapy (Volume 35, No.2 – February 1981)

The wide variety of hemiplegic sling designs, the lack of a uniform approach to sling selection, and the paucity of research data in this area have tended to make prescribing a sling a subjective process. Based on clinical experience and a comprehensive literature review, the authors propose a checklist for examining hemiplegic slings. The Checklist, which includes 19 desirable and 4 undesirable characteristics of slings, provides a more objective basis for comparing sling designs, warns of potential hazards, and facilitates the thorough examination of hemiplegic slings. The uses and limitations of the Checklist are discussed.

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How does the GivMohr Sling meet the Checklist for Hemiplegic Slings? Scroll down for the answer.

Desirable Characteristics:GivMohr Sling: / Notes:
1.Supports head of humerus in glenoid fossa.YES
2.Permits humeral abduction, external rotation,
and elbow extension.
3.Assists in positioning wrist in neutral.YES
4.Abducts fingers.NO / May be used in conjunction with a finger-abduction splint.
5.Encourages scapular protraction and elevation.YES
Wear and Maintenance
6.Wears comfortably.YES
7.Appears with good cosmesisYES
8.Dons and doffs easily.YES
9.Launders easily.YES
11.Fabricates easily if necessary.N/A
12.Low cost.YES / Competitively priced with comparable products.
13.Minimizes edema.NO / Holds the arm in a functional (dependant) position. Can be worn with a compression glove.
14.Adjusts to sitting and standing positions.YES
15.Permits arm to function as postural support.NO / Handpiece can be modified to allow weight bearing through hand.
16.Permits self-range of motion.YES
17.Protects arm.YES
18.Distributes weight of arm evenly.YES
19.Capable of static or dynamic supportYES
Undesirable Characteristics
20.Tends to displace head of humerus laterally.NO
21.Susceptible to compromise circulation.NO
22.Decreases sensory feedback and body awareness.NO
23.Hampers ambulation.NO
Additional GivMohr Sling Desirable Characteristics (added by GivMohr Corporation):
24.Facilitates erect posture.YES
25.Improves balance.YES
26.Improves gait.YES
27.Increases sensory input.YES