Donning, Washing and Care Instructions

Donning Instructions
Once fitted by therapist with 4-Tab Buckle secured, no further adjustment should be needed.

  1. Place uninvolved arm through the shoulder loop
  2. Lay sling across back and drape anterior strap over involved shoulder with blue stripe against arm and “GivMohr” side of 4-Tab facing out
  3. Check 4-Tab Position and adjust if necessary
  4. Position hand into Handpiece first by bending the elbow
  5. Place elbow in sling and check that the Elbow Strap is 1” below elbow and horizontal
  6. Check Strap Positions and adjust at buckles to reduce subluxation if necessary
  7. Check Axillary (Arm Pit) Pad position and adjust for comfort if necessary

When taking the sling off, remove the sling from the elbow first, then bend the elbow and remove the handpiece – it is not necessary to detach the elbow strap.

With training and practice, most users are able to put the sling on and take it off independently.

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Hand Wash in cold water
  2. Air dry

To avoid damaging the sling, do not machine wash or dry.

You can also find instructions on the insert that comes with every sling. Follow the links below for another copy: