Customer Testimonials

Comments about the GivMohr Sling:

“I would just like to let you know that the sling you sent to us … has been worn by my husband … every day … and we are amazed with the improvement in his subluxation and of course, the decrease in shoulder pain. There has also been an increase in arm movement and we notice some muscle development too. The sling has given us back some hope in regaining some arm strength. Thank you so much.”
Michelle N.

“Richard loves the GivMohr Sling and tells everyone about it. He feels that the GivMohr Sling does an excellent job of holdingt the arm bone in the shoulder joint. He feels that he is able to walk better with the GivMohr Sling because he is able to get a good rhythm going that he cannot get when walking without the sling. He feels that the GivMohr Sling gives him more control, makes him feel more safe and he is less likely to fall while wearing it. Thank you for making this product.”
Anna & Richard

“When the sling arrived for my wife and we put it on her, she was so happy she cried. These should be required at ALL stroke rehab facilities. Thank you both for making it available! Cheap at 5 times the price!”
Dan B.

“I walked 16 blocks to and from Magee today. I’m immensely more confident and comfortable when I wear the GivMohr Sling.”
Maureen M.

“The GivMohr Arm Sling does seem to be helping my husband with the separation of the bones he is experiencing in his shoulder. He says that the sling is quite comfortable to wear.”

“A quick email to thank you very much for sending another sling. It arrived … just as we were being discharged from … the neuro rehab unit … and just in time for the therapist to fit it for us. … The sling has made such a difference not only to the way our daughter is able to hold herself when she walks but also to the comfort of her shoulder.

“This product really helps my dad. It is easy to use and yet at the same time it does its job. My father has been receiving comments that his shoulder is no longer droopy. Highly recommended.”

“This puts my wife’s arm in just the right position.”

“The GivMohr Sling worked excellently for my patient – her subluxation has been reduced, her arm is in a functional position and she is now able to recruit more activity around her shoulder independently. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”
Rebecca, Physio (UK)

“We have found that the GivMohr sling has been the most effective treatment for our clients who have shoulder pain as a result of subluxation of the shoulder due to CVA or TBI. Our clients who are ambulatory for short distances and were fitted with the sling (while) standing, kept requesting that we also allow them to wear the sling while seated in their wheelchairs. They said that “My shoulder pain is gone while it is on–even while I’m seated in the chair”. Due to the unique way the sling is designed, the humerus is kept approximated properly in the joint even when the client is seated, allowing for pain-free use of the extremity.”
Charlotte, LOT
Touchstone Neurorecovery Center

“I just wanted to let you know, we ordered a GivMohr sling for one of our patients the week following the (AOTA) conference. Since using the sling, the patient presented with increased balance for gait and actually began showing increased arm movement with decreased subluxation. I enjoyed meeting you and learning about the GivMohr Sling.”
Lisa P., COTA/L, CEAS.

“Thank you soooo much for what you have done for my step dad… For the first time in 3 years his shoulder is back in the socket as it should be. They are able to do the exercises needed for therapy… Thank you for this miracle sling. It is the first time he has felt comfortable in 3 years. He is actually getting some motion and feeling back also in his arm. Bless you all.”
Lori S.

“My wife … is undergoing outpatient rehabilitation for a stroke… Last week, her occupational therapist … fitted her with a GivMohr sling … and requested that her physical therapist … use it during the physical therapy sessions which she observed. The GivMohr sling not only improved her posture, preventing her left arm from dangling and pulling out of the socket, but relieved a great deal of pain from this condition. We are very anxious to … employ it into her everyday activities as well as her therapy sessions.”
Eugene S.

“The GivMohr sling holds (his) arm at the right angle. We tried lots of slings and (this one) was the only one that reduced the subluxation. He is also able to use his arm a little while in the sling.”
Elizabeth L.

“I’m lucky to have an O/T who understands the value of this great product. (People) who use it … rave about the great quality of assistance your sling offers. A lady happened in yesterday and purchased a replacement sling for her husband who had a stroke. She said it was really the best device for him as he needs the hand free to meet and greet.”
Valentina, Owner
Medic Comforts (Alberta, Canada)

“My wife used one of your slings a few years ago after suffering a severe head injury. It helped her regain the ability to walk as it really helped her gait training. I gave it to the hospital’s Occupational Therapy Department, who had never seen one before, so they could help others use them.”
Douglas P.

“In October 2002, my husband Buddy had a massive stroke. The doctors said he would … “never be the same man I knew him to be.” … I am very pleased to say that he … continues to live and function every day. He walks with the help of a quad-cane and wears the GivMohr Sling on his left arm. While his physical therapist recommended he wear their sling, it did not give him the support he felt he needed.

“While searching on the internet, we came across your GivMohr Sling and ordered the first of many in 2003. This sling helps with the subluxation of the left shoulder which minimized the pain he had been having. Prior to wearing the GivMohr Sling, he had received cordisone injections to reduce the pain he felt in the left shoulder and neck. He also believes the GivMohr Sling helps in maintaining his balance; therefore, improving his gait. After completing his rehab and wearing the GivMohr Sling daily, Buddy returned to Brooks Rehab Hospital to visit his therapist(s). He was able to show the physical therapist the GivMohr Sling and how well it worked for him. The therapist(s) were very impressed with the sling and how it worked clinically and suggested they would recommend it to other patients.

“Although it is very frustrating at times to have to wear a sling, Buddy never goes without the GivMohr Sling. He feels the advantages of wearing it far outweighs the frustration. We can truly say it has been such an answer to prayer for him. He feels that had he not found your GivMohr Sling, his rehab would not have been as successful as it has been and he would not be able to function as well as he does today. We are glad to send this testimonial letter to you in hopes that it will be of benefit to your business.”
Jane K.

Comments about the GivMohr Bilateral Sling:

“I have ALS. With arm onset, my deltoids atrophied and my arms pulled against the sockets and my arms became uncomfortable. My OT pointed me to you guys, and voilà! Problem solved. My legs still work okay, so now I can enjoy long walks, hikes, and skiing much more comfortably with your bilateral sling. Thanks for a good job and great design!”
Creighton Rider (Utah)
(In addition to using the GivMohr Bilateral Sling, Creighton Rider has also designed a product for people with Dropped Head Syndrome. To learn more about his product, you can visit his web site at

“My name is Bill R., I am 71 years old and have had polio since the age of 3. Polio has damaged muscles in my chest, arm, back, and also caused damage to my diaphragm. I have searched for years for help with my pain. I have had 3 surgeries on my left shoulder. My right arm is the one with polio. I have tried many different slings in the past, but the one made by GivMohr Corporation seems to be working. It has reduced 95% of the pain in my shoulder and the other 5% is due to arthritis. I am very thankful and grateful that I have finally found a sling to help.”
Bill R.