Purchasing FAQ

If you are looking for answers to common questions about using the GivMohr Sling, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Will GivMohr bill my insurance?
We do not bill any insurance companies. If you want to order a sling through your insurance company, we suggest you contact your local Hanger Clinic. Find the closest Hanger Clinic by calling 1-877-4HANGER (877-442-6437).

Does private insurance cover the purchase of a GivMohr Sling?
We cannot guarantee that your particular insurance policy will cover the purchase of a GivMohr Sling. We suggest that you contact your insurance company or purchase through your local Hanger Clinic. However, in no way do we guarantee or imply claim reimbursement or coverage. GivMohr is not responsible for final decisions made regarding codes submitted for our products.

What is your return policy?
Our products are considered “hygiene” items, which cannot be resold and typically are not returnable. However, we recognize that there are times when you purchase a sling that you cannot use.

If you purchased your GivMohr Sling from us within the past 30 days (based on the invoice date), you can contact us via email to request a return authorization. In some instances, we may contact you by phone or email to request more information before agreeing to accept your return. If we agree that you can return your sling, we will provide you with a return authorization. If the sling packaging has been opened, your return will be subject to a $20 disposal fee.

What is your exchange policy?
If you purchase a GivMohr Sling from us and it turns out to be the wrong size, contact us via email within 30 days of the invoice date so we can assist you in determining the best fit. If we determine that a different size is needed and your sling should be returned to us, we will provide you with a return authorization. If we send you a replacement sling, you will only pay for the shipping charges to return your original sling. Your replacement sling will ship once we receive your returned sling.

What size GivMohr Sling do I need?
Please refer to the Sizing Guide for general sizing information and sizing tips.  If you cannot determine which size to order, you can contact us via email and we will be happy to help you with your decision.

How do I place an International order?
All International orders must be placed online using our SECURE Shopping Cart and a major credit card.  To place your International order, please click here.

Are there any additional charges for International orders?
Any import fees, including duties and taxes, are always the responsibility of the recipient. Please note that your order may not be delivered until these fees are paid.