GivMohr History

Responding to a Challenge with an Innovative Solution

Victoria Givler, OT and Paul Mohr, PT worked together in Inpatient Rehab co–treating clients post stroke (CVA) .

In 1996, they both took the 3 week NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) course.

The use of traditional slings was discouraged by the NDT instructors because of the decrease in sensory input to the Central Nervous System and the negative impact to posture, balance, gait and overall function.

The instructors presented an open challenge for someone to come up with a device that provided dynamic arm support without the negative impact to posture, balance, gait and overall function.

This started a constantly recurring conversation between Vicky and Paul over the next several years around how best to treat the flaccid arm. Vicky and Paul both felt that they did not go to OT and PT school to do nothing with the flaccid arm and recognized the negative impact of traditional slings.

After years of trying to find a device that would provide dynamic support to the arm beyond therapy without impeding normal function, the GivMohr Sling was born in 2000. The name GivMohr, a combination of Vicky and Paul’s last names, was first suggested by an OT student, and well represents the benefits of this device.

The GivMohr Sling has helped over 100,000 people around the world since its inception.

GivMohr Sling Milestones

• GivMohr Sling sales begin
• GivMohr attends first AOTA National Conference

• GivMohr Sling available for purchase through major medical supply catalogs (AliMed, Sammons Preston [now Performance Health])

• web site debuts

• First research paper published confirming benefits of the GivMohr Sling: “Comparative Effectiveness of the GivMohr Sling in Subjects with Flaccid Upper Limbs on Subluxation Through Radiologic Analysis”
• GivMohr Sling Patent granted on September 30

• GivMohr introduces the GivMohr Bilateral Sling, providing support to both arms simultaneously

• GivMohr introduces the GivMohr Pediatric Sling

• GivMohr Sling available for purchase on

• Locking 4-Tab and Foam Axillary Pad introduced

• Research paper presented at Physical Therapy Combined Sectionals: “The Effect of the GivMohr Sling on Gait Parameters Post Stroke”

• All GivMohr Slings now Latex Free

• GivMohr Sling available for purchase on

• Interior striping added as visual cue to all GivMohr Slings to facilitate independent donning

• Axillary Pad material improved

• Ergonomic Handpiece with Fabric Cover introduced